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That Voodoo Hum Plays All Throughout The Night

The Shadow & Shines’ witchy new single ‘Voodoo Hum’

On a still night you hear a whisper on the wind, a hypnotic hum that you can’t seem to get out of your mind. The lingering words and melody float on in your head; you feel a compelling presence and your reality begins to slip away…

Voodoo Hum will have you dancin’ with the devil on your back porch at night. A catchy melody with enchanting lyrics takes you on a little escape through a fictional tale of southern black magic.

The songwriting came about very organically on a late-night drive through California.

I came up with the vocals and lyrics to Voodoo Hum first. I was driving along near Campbell in California and had these words and melody stuck in my head. I kept singing it out as I was driving and then pulled over to record it on my phone. I was near this forest and perhaps the eerie setting influenced the writing even more. When I got back to Toronto, I sang them to Shane and he quickly came up with something on guitar. From there, it seemed the song wrote itself. - Hillary

After coming up with an acoustic version of just vocals and guitar, the duo hit the studio to experiment and add other instruments. They aimed for more of an upbeat vibe while playing with the wording and idea of black magic folklore. Ensnaring your mind with hexes, vexes and things that go bump in the night, it’s a song that is sure to get your foot tapping, with a devilish solo that will have you hooked.

One of my favourite parts of this song is the guitar solo. Shane did a killer job and really came up with it on the spot while we were recording. - Hillary

Can’t seem to get this bewitching hum out of your head? You can find Voodoo Hum on all download and streaming platforms!

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