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Please Preacher Man Save My Soul

The Shadow & Shines release their new single ‘Preacher Man’

A love story takes a turn for the worst and now they are outlaws on the run from judgement; the only thing that can save them is their faith.

“This song is pretty close to my heart (not that I am a woman caught up with a sinister man 😉) but it is actually the first song I ever wrote. I had written lyrics before that point, but those songs never came to fruition. I remember sitting down with a bottle of wine and the words and vocal melody just poured out; I knew this song was going to be special” – Hillary

The duo tell a dramatic unfolding of a story that takes place in New Orleans. A woman is enthralled in a relationship with a criminal and gets tangled up in his sinister ways. She goes on the run from the law and believes the one thing that can save her is redemption.

“I suppose it’s a story that has been told many times, but never gets old. The classic Bonnie and Clyde tale, except in this version, Bonnie wants to be caught…to be forgiven” - Hillary

Conjuring that swampy southern gothic soul, we hope you enjoy this foot stomping tune. You can find ‘Preacher Man’ on all major streaming platforms (including others not listed):


iTunes: Google play::


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